(Tanngrisnir) SomeBitchIKnow made a great video on the The Chapman Brothers and Louis Vuitton. While mulling over some of my own research on the Chapman’s I fell down an extremely deep and bizarre rabbit hole. It is also interconnected with other rabbit holes forming a complex matrix. That rabbit hole is Russian model, philanthropist, and WEF member Natalia Vodianova and her Naked Heart Foundation. Also yes, the Alice in Wonderland allusions are extremely intentional.

I won’t bury the lead. The Naked Heart Foundation has some extremely concerning donors and attendees for their events. The most obvious one is the notorious pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein (credit Reddit user MRDWayneLove). We know for a fact that he attended at least one of their events (most likely their event at Liberty Island due to the Imperia Vodka sponsorship). MRDWayneLove also claims he donated money to the Naked Heart Foundation, but I can’t verify that. But that is not the only person in the Epstein orbit involved. Natalia Vodianova runs an event for her foundation called the Love Ball. The 17th Love Ball was hosted by none other than Rachel Chandler.

The donors list of the Naked Heart Foundation is very telling. Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Jake and Dinos Chapman are all donors. You may remember most of those as artists I discussed in my chapter Art is in the Eye of the Launderer as possible money launderers. Koons was accused by his ex-wife of molesting his own son. Jake and Dinos create pedophilic so-called “art.” Most of them are members of the Young British Arts (YBA) with the exception of Koons. The final interesting name on the list is Matthew Freud. He is the great-grandson of Sigmund Freud and was at one time married to Elisabeth Murdoch. His name appears in Epstein’s little black book. To make matters even creepier, his father Clement Freud was a serial child abuser and rapist and is even a possible suspect in the Madeline McCann case. Damien Hirst and Matthew Freud were also donors to Kids Company a children’s charity that was once investigated for child sexual abuse.

Corporate donors to the Naked Heart Foundation include Luis Vuitton, De Beers, VOGUE, Glamour, Gagosian Gallery and Christie’s art auction

So, who is Natalia Vodianova? What about her draws so many heinous figures to her charity? She is one of Russia’s top models and was born in 1982 in what is now Nizhny Novgorod. She was reportedly born into poverty and problems were compounded for her household by her sister Oxana being born with cerebral palsy and autism. Natalia spent a lot of time while young selling fruit in an effort to help feed her family. She later started going to a modeling school and eventually began competing in modeling competitions in Paris. From there she rose to prominence and became one of the most successful models of her time. She has the most Vogue covers of any model with a total of 70. She also goes by the nickname Supernova. You can read more on her here.

(Natalia Vodianova with Antoine Arnault and Dasha Zhukova.)

Her Naked Heart Foundation was ostensibly created to help special needs children and to provide playgrounds for Russian children. The interest in the well-being of special needs kids makes sense considering her growing up with her autistic sister Oxana who also had cerebral palsy. However, why would Jeffrey Epstein care about Russian children having playgrounds? Why would Matthew Freud, who had his name in Epstein’s black book, care about the special needs children of Russia? Epstein himself raped a Russian college student mere months before his second arrest. The best-case scenario is they are in it merely for the public relations boost, but the worst-case scenario is it could be used to abuse or traffic Russian children.

The program director of the Naked Heart Society is Oxana Medvedeva. She was formerly the program coordinator to the Open Society Foundation. The Open Society Foundation is the foundation of Hungarian billionaire George Soros. Long time readers of my Substack will remember that George Soros donated to David Leavitt of Utah who was accused of satanic ritual abuse of children. Soros fund manager Howie Rubin beat and raped two playboy models. His nephew Peter Soros also had his name found in Epstein’s black book. Dasha Zhukova is on the advisory board of the Naked Heart Foundation. You may remember that she is friends with Rachel Chandler, Andre Balazs, and Marina Abramovic. Andre Balazs was given a special thanks from The Naked Heart Foundation and he was also in Epstein’s black book. I have nothing personally against Natalia Vodianova (unlike, say, the Chapman brothers) but I think it is only natural to ask these questions about her charity and some of the questionable figures attached to it.

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(Natalia Vodianova in a Joan of Arc themed photo shoot that was a collaboration with Dinos Chapman.)

Natalia is currently married to her second husband Antoine Arnault, the son of the French billionaire Bernard Arnault. That means her father-in-law owns Louis Vuitton (among other assets). You may remember his name because recently he is either the world’s richest man or a close second place to Elon Musk. Bernard Arnault is a top art collector who was once ranked as #4 in the world. This may explain part of why so many artists donate to her foundation. She left her first husband Justin Portman for his alcoholism but was rumored to have had an affair with artist Tracey Emin’s then boyfriend Scott Douglas. For context, Tracey Emin is most known for her “art” that is her old messy bed with the names of everyone she claims to have ever had sex with embroidered on it.

Here is Natalia Vodianova posing in an Alice of Wonderland themed shoot for the cover of Vogue. The children’s classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a strange case as it is obviously a huge component of popular culture but often has sinister connotations. The author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (pseudonym Lewis Carroll) was found to possess nude photographs of children from the Lindell family as well as painted them naked. Some have argued that this was not all that unusual for his time and not sexual in nature. Either way, Alice in Wonderland has become strongly associated with pedophilia. You can ask yourself if Vogue was learning into or away from this perception. It is also suspected that Alice in Wonderland imagery may be used in MK Ultra programming.

I’m barely scratching the surface on all the weird stuff with her in the modeling world. In 2008, Natalia posed as a “sexy nurse” for Louis Vuitton with the look including a surgical face mask. Surgical masks became nearly omnipresent during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. It is possible this was deliberate and social conditioning or perhaps the people at Louis Vuitton just had a huge nurse fetish and just wanted to take it a step further than what you would see in a slutty Halloween costume. To make things even stranger Natalia and the brand Pentatonic came out with their own special brand of face mask. While I am sure other celebrities got in on the surgical mask craze during this time the baffling part of this story is she started looking for a company to partner with to make a sustainable mask in 2016! Either she is a modern-day Nostradamus, she developed a surgical mask fetish after one nurse photo shoot, or she is controlled by people who had insider information. MemoryHold points out that Jeffrey Epstein himself was involved with Bill Gates and many people in the medical sciences. The fact that Epstein would attend events for her charity makes this worthy of mention.

Natalia has also modeled for Yves Saint Laurent fashion house with possibly the first instance being in 2002. Yves Saint Laurent is owned by Kering which is owned by Arnault’s French rival, in fashion and art collecting, Francois Pinault. There exists a little-known picture book authored by the man Yves Saint Laurent called La Vilaine Louou or Nasty Lulu in English. The book appears to include Satanism, pedophilia and murder. I wish I could tell you more about the book, but I do not speak French and information about it in English is scarce. Credit to The New Normal for the heads up on that. I believe Curioslight on Twitter was writing about in shortly before he/she disabled their account out of fear of being doxxed and attacked.

Another project Natalia Vodianova worked on is called Elbi. It is a charity donating app where people can donate small amounts of money. It was announced at a Clinton Global Initiative meeting to Hillary Clinton herself. Several of the charities are partners of the CGI such as Smile Train and Oceana. Elbi is something that I still want to learn more about.

Oh, and she occasionally appears in movies. Here she is playing Medusa in Clash of the Titans. Don’t get too excited though because it is the cash-in-on-nostalgia 2010 remake.

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