(Tanngrisnir) Most of you are probably aware of the scandal surrounding the fashion/style company Balenciaga (sometimes spelled Baalenciaga by the company itself). They are facing severe backlash after it was discovered they featured ads with a young girl carrying a teddy bear bag which featured the bear wearing BDSM bondage gear. Upon closer inspection of the image papers could been seen of the Supreme Court case Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition. This case was about what constituted free speech vs. child pornography with the case declaring that certain sexualized images of children was protected art. Another Balenciaga picture featured a book by Michael Borremans in the background. Borremans has drawn pictures of naked children bleeding from severed limbs.

MemoryHold discovered that Jeffrey Epstein’s associate Rachel Chandler does the casting for Balenciaga and has great sway in the company due to her connection with Balenciaga’s creative director Demna. Oli London did a great job of explaining the Rachel Chandler connection. In short, the company is not merely sexualizing children but associated with those who fraternize with child sex traffickers and are possibly traffickers themselves.
(Marina Abramovic and Francois-Henri Pinault)

There is more to the case than we ever would have expected. Balenciaga is owned by the parent company Kering. Kering is controlled by the French Francois-Henri Pinault the son of its founder Francois Pinault. The wife of Francois-Henri Pinault is the actress Salma Hayek. The Pinault family is huge in the art world and one of the top art collectors, not just in France, but in the world. Balenciaga is not even the top money maker of Kering, their top luxury product company is Gucci. The rival of the Pinaults is Bernard Arnault of LVMH. Arnault is also a French businessman and a top art collector who controls the fashion company Loius Vuitton.

(Francois-Henri Pinault and his wife Salma Hayek Pinault.)

In Part 2 we will discuss the Pinault art collection and its connections to probable money launderers and definite sexual deviants.

In Part 1 we saw how French art collector Francois-Henri Pinault owns Kering which controls the scandal-ridden Balenciaga. We also saw how MemoryHold discovered Balenciaga has ties to Rachel Chandler, the associate of Jeffrey Epstein. Now in part 2 we will examine the questionable art ties of Pinault. Before we begin, huge credit goes to the stellar Voat researcher MercuryBall2 (aka LetsDoIt3), Voat’s diamond-_sutra, Twitter user Dame Alum Roberts, and finally Johnny Vedmore for providing many of the amazing findings that made this deep dive possible.

In London there is an art museum known as the Serpentine gallery (formerly the Serpentine-Sackler before the Sackler family became persona non-grata). In 2014, there was a celebrity event at the Serpentine which featured the likes of Mark Ruffalo along with Francois-Henri Perault and an enormously important figure known as Nicole Junkermann. While not a household name, the German born Nicole Junkermann rode on Epstein’s plane the Lolita Express, has ties to the UK’s NHS and is heavily suspected to be tied to Intelligence agencies such as MI6, the CIA or Mossad. Vedmore has dubbed her a real-life Bond girl. When MercuryBall2 began researching into Nicole Junkermann Voat was swiftly hit with a DDOS attack which took it temporarily offline. Even in Junkermann’s own blog it says

“Guests like Princess Beatrice, Kiera Knightley and Nicole Junkermann continue to support the work carried out by the Serpentine Galleries so it continues to inspire generations of art lovers all over the world.”

I intended for my Beyond Balenciaga series to end on the second part, but I just keep learning more and more. You probably remember the 2014 celebrity event at the Serpentine from part 2. I never could prove that Pinault and Nicole Junkermann even spoke at the event. Perhaps he just hung out with Mark Ruffalo the whole time for all I knew. Well, I have images of him at the party, and he is hanging out with another friend of Rachel Chandlers. Her name is Dasha Zhukova. She is the daughter of the Russian oligarch Aleksandr Zhukov and the ex-wife of oligarch Roman Abramovich. She claims she went from not knowing or caring anything about art to owning the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. The Garage sometimes collaborates with Pinault to display parts of his collection.




(Francois-Henri Pinault and Dasha Zhukova)

The artists she associated with are the same scum I have discussed on this substack since its inception. The following is an excerpt from Jezebel about the first issue of Garage magazine. The magazine cover featured a tattooed labium, because of course it did. “For its inaugural issue, Garage approached contemporary artists including Richard Prince, Damien Hirst, and Jeff Koons to design tattoos. Then, the magazine found men and women who volunteered to have the tattoos, and tattoo artists willing to execute the artists’ designs. Inside the magazine are Hedi Slimane photographs of the nine people who got the different tattoos. (The artist Dinos Chapman ended up getting his tattoo on his own arm, and then tattooed his brother Jake for good measure.) The photograph of Hirst’s butterfly tattoo, which was inked on 23-year-old Londoner Shauna Taylor, made one of Garage‘s three covers.” https://jezebel.com/here-is-an-uncensored-cover-of-dasha-zhukovas-garage-ma-5841864 https://jezebel.com/labia-star-in-first-issue-of-dasha-zhukovas-magazine-n-5834190

(I know this image came from Reddit but I don’t know who originally posted it. If anyone knows I will credit them.)

As you can see, Dasha Zhukova appears to occupy many of the same social circles as Rachel Chandler. They both share a mutual friendship with Jeffrey Epstein’s madam Ghislaine Maxwell. Marina Abramovic is, similarly, friends with both Dasha and Rachel. The connections have started coming in fast. https://searchvoat.co/v/pizzagate/1436568


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