New York Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul urged citizens to receive a new round of COVID-19 vaccines, claiming that any jabs they’ve taken in the past “won’t help you this time around.”

“Tell everybody don’t rely on the fact that you had a vaccine in the past, it will not help you this time around,” Hochul said Wednesday.

It’s almost like the experimental COVID-19 mRNA injections politicians, health officials, and the media touted for years aren’t effective or something.

Hochul then encouraged residents to take the new “updated” COVID vaccine that was recently approved by the FDA in the wake of the emergence of mild COVID variants.

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“It is literally a new vaccine, it is not a booster shot, it is not an enhancer. It is a new vaccine designed to attack the new variants,” Hochul said. “This is a new vaccine built specifically to match the circulating strains. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already been vaccinated, take no comfort in that, thank you for getting vaccinated in the past but that is not protecting you today.

“I will be getting my vaccine very soon,” she continued. “This news is coming at a perfect time, my team just got off a call with the FDA confirming the Covid vaccine is on its way to New York… The updated vaccine guards against the newer Covid strains because it was built off the Omicron…variant, that’s what we’re calling it.”

“It’s really a customized vaccine…We’re waiting to find out what age groups the FDA and CDC are recommending should get the shot…You only need one, no more double doses, and again, this will be starting here in New York on Friday.”

Hochul then suggested that not taking the new COVID vaccine is a selfish act.

“That is the best way by far to protect yourself and those around you. We’ve done this since March 2020, no reason to stop now. Don’t think about just yourself,” she added.

Watch Hochul’s full remarks:

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