Maui residents are revealing horror stories of the chaotic evacuations.

While Journalists have been barred from asking real questions.

And the only aid placards the locals could rely on created by the locals themselves were rapidly shutdown.

While the liberal cult members on Maui continued to support the Biden Money laundering scheme now totaling 140 billion.

After his vacations, Joe Biden finally rolled into Maui 13 days after the wildfire tore through the sacred Maui village of Lahaina. His caravan trapping residents due to road closures. Causing many Maui residents to miss work. As the known death toll sits at 114. As roughly 1,000 people are still missing. A death toll that could rivals the worst fire in U.S. history, the 1871 Peshtigo, Wisconsin fire that killed 1,152. While unanswered questions about the 500 plus missing children that had been sent home from school hung in the air.

Biden took his clown show Presidency of narcissistic dementia to new heights. Nauseating the exhausted mourning survivors of firenado terror with stories about himself, his car, and his cat.

In his tiny reality, Amazingly, Biden assumed that joking about a hot road in the middle of a historic catastrophe was completely Presidential and necessary.

Once again making promises that his WEF handlers will eventually break.

Meanwhile the sober spiritual natural truth of immovable Hawaiian Culture was on full display.

This is what a Country without a leader looks like. Joe Biden is a disaster. Congress must Impeach him now or we will begin impeaching you.

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