A Reddit group called BashTheFash posted hateful disinformation about our show this past Tuesday posting the following warning:

Attention all Floridians! We shit you not, there’s a national socialist, pirate themed band in Florida. They have a concert planned in Orlando on Tuesday, July 25 at Uncle Lou’s Entertainment Hall on N Mills Avenue at 7PM.

We, nor any of the bands playing that night are affiliated with national socialists. I disavow all socialism for that matter. It is collectivism which is a stones throw from communism. We have always had the message that the Nazis were funded by the same global elite that claimed to fight against them. Prescot Bush worked for the Nazis. Adolf Hitler wrote the book “New World Order”. We are against the New World Order and all global government ideologies. We are against experimenting on people without consent. That is why we are against forced or coerced vaccination and other medical interventions (masks). These are Nazi ideologies and tactics. Nazis are the reason there is fluoride in the water which they experimented on their prisoners to lower their immune systems, IQ, sex drive, and make them more docile. At the Bohemian Grove they practice the Cremation of Care in front of the Owl of Alexa, Athena, or Minerva (not Molech) which they adopted from Bavarian Illuminati Grove proceedings where you burn an effigy of a child (dull care) on an altar in order to rid yourself of your conscience. We find these acts disgusting. The high ranking SS performed these rites and brought them over through Operation Paperclip. Skull and Bones at Yale which is the first step for many to then move on to BC membership also adopted many of these occult practices. The groves “rituals” are a hodge podge of various occult practices.

Who is “The establishment”?!

I thought Antifa didn’t “exist” or “it’s just an idea”. I also thought you were anti-establishment.

“Hopefully swift action will be taken.”

Yea, some thugs spray painted the Antifa 3 arrows logo in red on the door and 2 surrounding walls of the front of Uncle Lous along with a typed and printed notification insulting Uncle Lou for putting this show on and they even threw eggs! Must have some NGO funding because those things are too expensive to waste like this! You could have fed some homeless people, but instead decided to be insolent brats and committed a felony. Cool cool. Will be reported and investigated. There are cameras all over, I am sure you wore masks like good sheep.

YouTube player

UPDATE: Interesting YouTube removed the above video. Will be reuploading elsewhere shortly.

Here is the same logo spray painted in red on a black block shield.

This is terrorism. This is bullying a black business owner into cancelling a show that you did not understand. Trying to silence who you think is your opposition but really, is an ally against totalitarianism, government corruption, unjust wars, medical experimentation on the masses, and the use of psychological operations that try to influence us to be divided. It’s sad to see you fell for it.

I found this pretty telling:

I am assuming you are referring to the Bohemian Clubs slogan “weaving spiders come not here”. As usual, you got it wrong. WE ARE THE WEAVING SPIDERS. BC references this quote from William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream:

Weaving spiders, come not here;
Hence, you long-legged spinners, hence;
Beetles black approach not near;
Worm nor snail do no offense.

They take it to mean that no reporting, investigating, or business dealings should go on at the grove. Members and guests are asked to turn off cell phones and not bring recording devices to document their occult and probably illegal practices like bussing in underage male prostitutes as admitted by victims in the Franklin Coverup which we wrote a song and created a comic book based on the film Conspiracy of Silence.

You making jokes about the grove and their practices dances on the graves of these poor souls that were put through hell in their short lives at the hands of their members. So you attack a black man’s business and make fun of sexual abuse victims, cool cool.

We are not anti-governmental. Quite the opposite. We work with based law enforcement agents at various levels from local to federal to catch scumbag pedophiles and petty criminals… like you.

We are not conspiracy theorists. We are truth seekers and researchers. Conspiracy therapists at times to help people cope with the reality of this tangled web of history and disinformation… like you.

We have never said “the Jews in Bohemian Grove worship Mooch and bring Gentile victims of child trafficking there for sexual abuse and sacrifice”. Those are your misguided and racist words, not ours. There are Catholics like the Kennedys, Fake Christians like the Bushes, and I am sure plenty of other faiths including Satanists, Scientologists, and others to worship their false idol, the Owl of Alexa, again, not Moloch. Moloch is a bull. Both have child sacrifice by burning at an altar so I understand the confusion. When we wrote New Day Rising over a decade ago, I made that same mistake, so I’ll let that one slide.

Your intimidation of an innocent black man’s business is completely unacceptable and we are opening an investigation into BashTheFash and all users on this redit. DarkDox is legion. Drop all activity against our organization or you will be prosecuted and put in prison where they are too fond of wimpy soy boys with a chip on their shoulder.

Also for the record, my wonderful son Gabriel is having his Bar Mitzva next week. Here he is rehearsing with a HackMiami shirt. We are all very proud. I am not Jewish but his mom is and we are all very close and supportive and respectful of each others ideas and beliefs. What a concept, right?

There was nothing national socialist that went on at that event. We simply thought it would be a good time to dress up like pirates, project some old pirate movies on the walls, and play sea shanties between bands. We had bottles of wine for the best costumes. It was a silly and fun concept that we plan to do again soon at other venues.

The problem with you people is that you don’t do enough research. I saw your “evidence” about Alex Jones being a Russian agent, really?! Dig deeper. We encourage you to research our archives at DarkDox.me/archive. We have that Grove and other encampments PDF your cited from the CIA database along with plenty of other documents.

We are happy to discuss this like adults on a podcast in the future if you leave a comment below with your information and even forgive you for this so we can move forward together to defeat the New World Order together but first you need to pay Uncle Lou for the cleaning materials and spray paint he had to use to clean up your crime scene and apologize for what you did.

We need unity, not hate crimes.


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