Last week we syndicated’s commentary on the national socialist (Nazi) jackboots in ski-masks who marched on Altamonte Springs here in Central Florida last month.

We discussed this yesterday on DarkDox Digest as well regarding Sacred Owls being called National Socialists by BashtheFash on Reddit.

I want you to notice, there are no ads on this site. We sell our own merch that we make ourselves, to help fund the servers. No one controls what we say. That is why we don’t have ads. I have been involved in independent journalism for over 20 years now. Turned 40 today. I am not a “keyboard warrior”. I have been filming in person, doing conspiracy roadtrips, and documented all of it, watch my films on this site.

The Daily Beast wrote an opinion piece complaining that the right wing always defaults to claiming Nazis are feds with little to no evidence.

Here is the video one of these individuals with the handle (HandsomeTruth) posted on their Gab. It is disturbing. Full of sig hails, calling journalists pedohiles and “kikes”.

This guy’s bio on Gab is as follows.


Ways to Support:
GabPay.Live @HandsomeTruth
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PO BOX 100745
PALM BAY, FL 32907

Here he is with make up on at an Orlando city councel meeting saying he’s a trans jew:

If this is grass roots, it is sad and really pathetic if they think this is going to inspire anyone to join the hateful and ignorant cartoon of American History X style stereotypes.

If they are Feds or NGO (Non-governmental organizations) that are funding these outfits to do these demonstrations, it needs to be exposed.

Boneface (the guy with all the tattoos on his face) has said that the Azov Battalion in Ukrain is CIA op.

What blows my mind is the leftists see the work I do and the work that these people do and see it as the same. We promote caring about people and promoting inclusion. We don’t care what religion you are, what your sexual orientation is, we just don’t like totalitarian governments (like Nazi Germany, Mao’s China, Stalins Soviet Union, Biden’s America) and are anti-pedophile, which these Nazi’s also claim to be anti-pedophile, so we at least have that in common. But yea, Ukranian defense forces are NAZIS!!!

We have been reporting on this since the begining of the war. It’s some scary shit. These people are dangerous and the moment their ignorant and hateful rhetoric becomes violent, they need to be swiftly arrested and put away. Death penalties are in order for leaders of these movements if it causes deaths. Same goes for the left. Any Antifa that hurts or kills anyone, which is also happening, needs to be stomped out. DarkDox is in the middle of all of this, exposing corruption on all sides. We are watching and are now hypervigilant because we see all of this as a threat to try to pin to us like they did J6 peaceful protestors, (yes, most people there that day did nothing wrong, there were only a handful of people caught doing anything illegal, one of which is Rey Epps, who the media is protecting… because he is a FED.)

This video has the perspective that we are “MAGAtards” for being against this nazi stuff because they are standing up for the white man.

That is not the case.

This is all connected.

Our problem with these nazis is the more they do these kinds of things, they are creating the boogie man that the left is using as a recruiting tool the name way the left burning down police stations and promoting cutting kids genitals off and having drag queens teach kids how to twerk at drag queen story time is a recruiting tool for the nazis.

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This makes us in the middle think that YOU ARE ALL FEDS. You might not be getting a check, but your “leader” might be and you are working for free.

The question I have to Antifa and the leftists that think we are the Nazis, do you want to join forces to stop fascism or are you actually pro-pedophile, because aside from the commie stuff we don’t jive with, because we are pro liberty, we seem to be pretty aligned against corruption in government.

The question I have to the Nazis is do you really think you are going to win over anyone flying swaztikas and calling everyone niggers and kikes? You people are such a small minority of the polulation and acting like dicks is going to make the rest of us crush you like we did in WWII. The US brought Nazi scientists into NASA and other branches of the US government through operation paperclip but the goon foot soldiers like you got the firing squad.

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