(Epoch) <– This will give information about the Jan 6th false-flag operation which was used to prevent the constitutional challenges to and certification of electoral votes where Trump would have finally had the chance to have evidence of the stolen election actually introduced and evaluated as part of the constitutional election process. The Jan 6th so-called “insurrection”, and with no firearms btw, was totally an FBI COINTELPRO operation with literally hundreds of undercover FBI agents and assets acting as agent provocateurs creating what little violence there was also with the Capitol Police opening fire with paint balls, rubber bullets and flash grenades on the crowd of protesters (protected by our 1st amendment) who were outside the Capitol building. Finally after 3+ years of the Democrats and Biden admin withholding hundreds of hours of video, the Republicans were finally getting an additional 200 hrs of video that is damning as to a textbook FBI COINTELPRO operation. – Anonymous

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