NWO Puppet Biden Lurches For Our Guns

(Brown) At this point, it isn’t a guarded secret that President Dumpster Fire is merely reading written statements from an agenda conceived in an elitist Bilderberg board room.

Biden is telling us in his own unique way that his handlers are panicking that 4 in 10 American households contain guns. And once we get further down the road of the madness of an engineered economic collapse replaced by CBDCs and 15 minute cities all hell is finally going to break loose.

Biden is also desperately bailing his corruption out of his sinking lifeboat. As is evident with Hunter’s last minute legal attack.

The media can’t prop up this level of corruption for much longer. The hens have come back to roost.

So it is that the weakest President in US history a Wilsonian progressive race baiting compromised tool of the globalists will make one last frail attempt to circumvent the 2nd Amendment to usher in a tyrannical dementia.

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