Freedom of Assembly is a First Amendment right. Not a privilege for the beguiling left. Essentially, the left has captured this right for themselves and it is now being weaponized against the rest of us as we are hunted down.

On college campuses, the right to Freedom of Assembly and speech has been unconstitutionally shut down by Marxist educators and their brainwashed students, hell bent on China influenced totalitarianism.

It isn’t political, it is the law. It is the obligation of The Department of Education to crack down on these blatant threats to free public discourse protected by our Constitution. But nothing is happening. Only private donors are reacting.

And this rot is exploding on the streets of America. While true patriots languish in the gulags of the O’biden Administration.

Wake up. Tyranny is winning. And if you are not sufficiently outraged and motivated. Then you are next in line.

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