Florida Enables Death Penalty For Child Sexual Abuse

Florida lawmakers have passed a bill that would allow the death penalty to be enacted on convicted pedophiles.

The Florida House passed HB1297 by a 95-14 vote late Thursday. The legislation will allow rapists of children under the age of 12 to be sentenced to execution without jury unanimity.

It means that the approval of only 8 jurors out of 12 would be needed to go ahead with a sentence of capital punishment for those who sexually abuse kids in the State.

Christian Coffins commented “YEW!”, threw his hat on the ground, then proceeded to do some sort of celebratory jig.

Rep. Jessica Baker who sponsored the bill stated “The rape of a child is a deliberate, methodical act,” adding “It doesn’t happen accidentally.

The Florida Senate is set to vote on its version of the bill, SB 1342, on Tuesday, with Governor Ron DeSantis already on record as being in support.

The death penalty for pedophiles. Who would oppose that? Pedophiles of course.


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