Back in July An ABC News reporter who bragged about ‘debunking’ evidence of an elite pedophile ring had pleaded guilty to a sickening array of child sex crimes, according to reports.

James Gordan Meek, who had worked for ABC News for nearly ten years until an investigation into his child sex crimes led to his arrest, was convicted on federal charges of transporting and possessing child sex abuse material in July.

ABC News Producer Arrested On Sickening Array of Pedophilia Charges

An ABC News producer has been arrested for allegedly sending, receiving, and possessing more than 100 images and videos depicting young children being raped and abused.

James Gordon Meek, who resigned from his post with ABC News, faces one count of transportation of child pornography, according to newly unsealed court records.

Meek is just the latest influential mainstream media guy busted on sickening child porn and pedophilia charges. It is starting to make sense why ABC and the other mainstream networks refused to take the lead on Epstein island coverage, while smirking and covering up allegations against senior D.C. politicians.

The disturbing crimes were exposed after the FBI conducted a raid on the journalist’s Arlington home in April 2022. FBI officials were alerted by Dropbox in March 2021 of ‘sickening child rape’ materials of minors stored on Meek’s account.

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