We should have never allowed the lockdowns, “vaccine” mandates, and forced masking in a free country. We did. It was a mistake. We never should have allowed it. DarkDox and Infowars stood up and said no. Made shirts, protested with first responders, and shared information in a time of great deceit.

They are trying it again ahead of the 2024 election. They will try to have mail in ballots once more, 4 years later because they think you are stupid, weak, and will take it.

Prove them wrong!

We are the pure bloods. We are the resistance. We are the future.

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And the clown show arrives to Hawaii: “I almost lost my Corvette!” Biden LIES about small kitchen fire to seem relatable to “livid” Maui victims!

Today’s broadcast is loaded with special guests including Dr. Stella Immanuel & Stew Peters! Watch & share this link!

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