James O'Keefe at the Bohemian Grove

Is this why he gets to do what he is doing? Is there more to know about who James O’Keefe is? Why would he be invited to the Bohemian Grove and why didn’t we see him enter last year?

There are so many questions about why the Bohemian Grove is really getting a lot of attention lately. Here at DarkDox we know those that attend or are members are high level government officials, journalists, members of the media, business men, and members of the Hollywood elite to name a few. We do know they allow guests but they are restricted to visiting hours and are not allowed to stay the night.

We didn’t see him enter on the 6 days we were out there. We know they can come and go during the entire three weeks in July and we were only there several days. Most arrive in cars with tinted windows and a lot get dropped off by taxi. We also have heard about another entrance or they could be flown in on helicopters (the locals told us last year there was a helicopter flying around).

The Bohemian Grove 2024 is coming soon! Maybe we will see you there.

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