While America sleepwalks through the 2020 decade with a treasonous zombie criminal at the helm, China is flooding every inch of Earth with its rising dominance. The dollar is now openly regarded to be on life support. As Foreign Policy magazine reported, BRICS is likely to strip the dollar of its hegemony over global trade even if it doesn’t have a single currency.

BRICS currently comprises Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, but will be joined by Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE this coming January. Estimated to represent nearly half of global GDP by 2040.

China has quietly taken control of larger portions of key global trade arteries including the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal. As a military power, China’s navy is now the largest in the world. BRICS also expands control over the commodities and increases leverage in financial holdings.

Meanwhile, thousands of military aged Chinese men flood into the United States from Chinese camps in Panama.

China’s Belt and Road initiative racing up through South and Central America is built on the back of a compromised U.S. President allowing nearly 8 million illegals, partly comprised of foreign military aged men and terrorists into the United States under his 3 year term. Dwarfing the amount that came in under two terms of Obama and one term of Donald Trump.

While Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum lays waste to the sovereignty of the Netherlands. As a Tri State City is built to serve as a hub to the New World Order’s Great Reset agenda.

While more U.S. banks continue to fail. And the West is in a state of kinetic terror driven chaos. Once the dollar has been sufficiently diminished. Central Bank Digital Currencies will flood the Globe unleashing a totalitarian nightmare the world can barely imagine.

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