President Xi entered the United States with zero U.S. flags being flown and was given the red carpet treatment with U.S. Soldiers holding the Communist Flag. The optics are obvious and there has never been a more important time to fight for the Republic than right now. Because it is being sold down the river right in front of our eyes.

Why else would the Secretary of State look like he is a witness to treason?

China’s Art Of War psyop is ongoing and exhausting. But the tactics have paid off for China as those within our government bleeding America dry arrogantly aid and abet China’s campaign to dominate the west.

While the Democratic Party leadership foments total chaos as pro Palestinian Democratic zealots turn on their masters as they stormed the DNC. New World Order tunnel vision now occupying the party’s objectives as their anti semitic supporters spiral into pure chaos.

At this point, California Governor Newsom has lost all interest in fulfilling his sworn duty to Govern the State of California. China suck up Newsom is all in on his role in the emergence of a Communist style government in the Golden State as he blatantly admits that San Francisco was cleaned up for Communist China President Xi’s visit. Not for the residents of San Francisco.

Meanwhile, China continues mass detention and torture of the Uyghurs while maintaining a technocratic prison of its own people. China has purchased hundreds of thousands of acres next to U.S. military bases. And the Biden Administration continues to ignore the spy balloons that freely gathered sensitive national security data. While the China holds a staggering 1 Trillion of U.S. debt.

And as the jaws dropped of American’s paying attention to the blatant treason before their eyes. The FCC Adopted rules to prevent and eliminate “Digital Discrimination”. Essentially ensuring that the nefarious 5G towers will reach every American community while stifling innovation by grinding the internet to a slow halt via big government regulation. While China launches the world’s first next-generation internet service more than 10 times faster than existing major routes two years ahead of schedule.

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