at 7pm, October 23rd, 2023 I attended a private screening at AMC Altamonte Springs seeing Police State in Theatre 11! Tickets are $20 each here. You can only get tickets from DarkDox is not paid by Dinesh D’Souza, in fact, we paid $40 for Sacred Owls new bassist, Tam and myself to go to the film because we want to support this project with our pocketbooks and our presence. It is being shown today and throughout the week at various theaters throughout the country.

Just put in your state and zip code to find a theater near you! If you read this and you are in the Orlando area today (10-23-23) then come find us after the film and say hi!

DarkDox Review of Police State

After viewing the film we were definitely moved by the stories of FBI doing “no-knock raids” of innocent US citizens who simply exercised their 1st amendment rights of free speech and recording footage of January 6 at the Capitol without even entering. One young man hung himself because of the threat of terrorism being added to his charges. It is very emotional at times which is very heavy handed in order to make the viewer angry and want to do something about it, which is good, but it is important to know how you are being programmed by such media.

The criticism I have of the film is that it does fall into the false left/right paradigm and just blames “Democrats” and “The Left” when historically, as of the last 30 years, the “Republicans” and “The Right” has been just as guilty in the US like the Bushes and other “Neo-Conservatives”. I understand that he is marketing to Christian conservatives, but feel it would be a bit more successful if he at least interviewed a few democrats in government to show that they are divided on what the police state is, who runs it, and why. Dinesh does speak on this in passing saying that the left thinks that the police state is Trump and trying to stop abortion rights, etc.

It was good showing the parallels of January 6th FBI cointelpro false flag actors like Ray Epps and the buring of the German Parlament building (Reichstag fire). The coverage of 9/11 and the Patriot Act, Department of Homeland Security, child sex trafficking from the border, MS13, replacement migration (which is a United Nations term), and other key topics were on point.

The film is worth watching and supporting by buying tickets to watch it in theaters or getting a copy from the website.

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