Overlooked: Lost In The Shining Hotel is a masterpiece, as is all of Truthstream Media‘s works over the years if you have not gone down their elegant rabbit holes. In this one they deconstruct Stephen King’s novel, The Shining and Stanley Kubrick’s interpretation of it into film. This thing goes deep. From the genocide of the Native Americans, Manifest Destiny, the significance of dates, names, symbols, and all aspects of the film in great detail as well as the re-writing of America’s history, the occult aspects of high society and their influence on all of this.

Overlooked: Lost in The Shining Hotel – Teaser Trailer (new series by Truthstream Media)

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Overlooked: Lost in The Shining Hotel | Ep: 1 – The Environment

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Overlooked: Lost in The Shining Hotel | Ep: 2 – The Management

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When I first started watching this series, I was jazzed to see their take on all the hidden meanings in the film and to see what TSM agreed with or disagreed with in the analysis made in Room 237.

I had no idea that it would connect to The Bohemian Grove and their Cremation of Care ritual, let alone that Jack was the effigy!

This guy was a member, and lived in one of the hotels that was an inspiration for the Overlook in The Shining.

He hosted a Christmas party every year where “An all-male chorus culled from San Francisco’s prestigious Bohemian Club sang carols.

“The term caretaker relates to the acceptance of burden.”

“At some level, society must opt to bundle its care and transfer it away”

We all know what happens to the caretaker.

“All work and no play makes Jack (the caretaker) a dull boy”

“Be gone dull care!” – Walter Cronkite as the Great Owl of Bohemia

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