(Banned.video) MUST WATCH: New Film Exposes The Entire Globalist Endgame – Share It NOW To Save Humanity’s Future – Alex Jones

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A 3D animated short film about not too distant but a dystopian future. It speculates on the potential consequences of the infamous Great Reset, medical tyranny, woke culture, and green agenda. Everything, that World Economic Forum (WEF) is planning for us. If you’d like to buy me a beer, here is my PayPal address: [email protected] or you can support my work on Patreon: https://patreon.com/3depix

Spoiler: you will get to see an animated Klaus Schwab.

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Alex Jones’ analysis

Infowars interview with Oleg Kuznetsov joins Alex Jones live via Skype to discuss his short film, “Beyond the Reset,” which exposes the ludacris future set out before humanity by the ruling, technocratic elite.

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