Distractions and False Narratives, its the name of the Deep State game. What does the Maine shooter accomplish with his demonic acts, disappearance and alleged suicide other than the obvious? Not only had he locked down the State of Maine and neighboring areas of Canada. But he briefly put the national conversation on lockdown for citizens turning to mockingbird media for answers to questions regarding corruption and the corrosion of national security.

As the Pentagon intensifies WW3. The unanswered questions surrounding Biden’s pay to play scheme ties to a $200,000 check and 2.75 million dollar purchase of his Rehobeth Beach Home. George Soros supports the pro Hamas movement worldwide, funneling more than $15 million since 2016 to groups behind this month’s pro-Palestine protests. And the CDC itself publishes a report revealing that 120,000 American children died suddenly after taking the covid jab.

We can only expect more bizarre incidents like the one in Lewiston, Maine to ramp up. Why was Robert Card outfitted after going to a military mental institution in the summer of 2023 with high powered hearing aids that his sister in law reported were telling him horrifying suggestions? Why would the FBI stop monitoring Card immediately after he threatened to shoot up the National Guard base in Maine? Why did it take the FBI 24 hours to go to Robert Card’s house when the public bulletin came out revealing his home address just a few hours after he disappeared?

Card’s body was found at the Maine Recycling Corporation directly across from where loud bangs had been reported shortly into the search. The Recycling center had been searched inadequately the night before.

The MK ULTRA program is well known. And there have been many mass shooters tied to it in recent history. And every time these possible MK ULTRA tied shooters point the narrative towards themselves it distracts from the Government’s corruption. And within hours is followed by calls to confiscate American’s guns protected by the Second Amendment.

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