Intergalactic Alien Metal Band GWAR performed live at FEST 21 in Gainesville, Florida this past weekend just before Halloween and Joe Biden showed up to say:

I have some important things to talk to you kids about. You see, a lot of people don’t seem to recognize all the great things I have almost managed to get done in my first few years as president. I elimitated student loans debt. Well, for a minute at least. Now that the courts have killed affirmative action fewer students will actually go into debt because they won’t be able to get into schools in the first place.

I stood by as the Supreme Court dismantled a woman’s right to an abortion. Well, maybe that wasn’t so great, but I am keeping alive the American dream of not being allowed into a college where you can be gang raped and forced to bear the fruit of that unholy union.

I thought it was pretty funny how they had one of their slaves keep redirecting Biden to face the crowd because he was so lost which is typical of the president, though Joe did seem more well spoken than usual.

In other news, GWAR also ripped Putin apart, limb from limb.

All joking aside, a word of advice if you chose to see this band live and have grey hair, don’t get anywhere near the “splash zone” unless you want pink hair for a few weeks.



After 3 shampoos!

It is a little faded now, 3 days later, but looks like I will be purple for a while. Someone on Reddit said to use Dawn and baking soda, didn’t do anything.

That’s Joe Koontz from Against All Athority. They did a DEVO set so I was pointing at my Duty Now For The Future tattoo. We are all DEVO!

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