In recent times we have been seeing a lot of sudden and unexpected deaths among the younger populace, with little to no explanation why. Whether you look at VAERS  and the countless injuries or from Group Life COVID-19 Mortality Survey Report showing up to 40% increase in claims. With technology comes benefits, and with the internet and social media being highly sought commodity now a days there are a lot of digital timelines left behind. Let’s grab our shovels and get to digging!

Julie Powell, author of “Julie & Julia” and “Cleaving“, passed away on October 26, 2022 from a more recently normalized cardiac arrest. Now death is nothing new and it’s something we all share in common, but the events that lead up to her passing of cardiac arrest is peculiar.

Julie seemed to have a slip of the tongue, and whether you believe in a fair and just God, he has the final word. Before Julie’s death, she was becoming ill against the very demon she was supposed to be protected against. Whether she was weakened by VAIDS or died of natural causes, one thing is sure, she had her curtain call the way God intended.

until next time… Farmer Nate, out.

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