The 2018 HBO film The Tale shows straight up pedophilia.

In this sex scene a grown man tells a little girl: “We have to keep stretching you open slowly. No young boy would do this for you.”

The child then kisses this man and performs additional sex acts.

Of course, this is framed as an adults recollection of child sex abuse but it begs the question, are pedophiles getting off on this kind of content. I am confident they are. If that is the case, should this content be considered child sex material? This is a child actor. Children cannot consent to this kind of “acting”. Their parents signed off on this scene. What are the ramifications of doing this kind of “work” as a child?

Director Jennifer Fox chronicles her story of childhood abuse at the hands of a high-school coach in this powerful, devastating film. Laura Dern stars as the adult Jennifer who finds herself prompted to reconcile her memories of the situation with the horrifying reality.

Thank you to Owen Shroyer for covering this.

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