If you are an avid researcher, you know there is disinformation out there. Purposefully produced to cause wonder, questions and then an abhorrent disbelief from that source or anyone who shares that source, unaware that they too are sharing disinformation. We hear so many stories online it’s hard to believe anything any more. That’s why I want to share this story. I didn’t read it online.

Have you ever wondered if chewing nicotine gum or using the patch works for exposure to shedding. Have you heard about it? Are you a person who is around those who have taken the experimental C vax? And then don’t feel that well? Headaches, blurred vision, heart palpitations, heart beating fast and or irregular, high blood pressure, blood pressure spiking, night sweats, depression, feelings of hopelessness, ringing in the ears, joint pain, dizziness, sleeplessness, interrupted sleep, waking up breathless and heart pounding, anxiety, trembling, EMF sensitivity, paranoid issues sometimes, weight loss, loss of appetite , or the opposite: gain weight and over eating. Irritated and maybe even angry, wanting solitude, even thoughts of suicide (not me, but many are having these thoughts). I’ll explain why later. There  are many symptoms of what I call spike interference from spike protein damage. I think the spike proteins are circulating throughout the system and need to be flushed out. That’s where Nicotine comes in.

We have nicotine receptors on our cells. If there is no nicotine present, then the spike proteins can take those seats. Back in the day, the tobacco companies discovered their cigarettes were not as addictive as they had hoped. So they used to spray addictive chemicals and opium on the cigarette paper, then let it dry, and then roll the cigarettes with that. So now you can see how smoking is associated with cancer and tobacco and nicotine associated with lung cancer. Demonizing nicotine of course. My opinion is that it’s beneficial if nicotine is in our systems if we are being exposed. The Front Line Docs say anyone who has had Covid naturally and is experiencing what is being called ‘long Covid’ symptoms may benefit from chewing 3 mg. Nicotine gum or patch daily for five to six days.

Here’s what I have been experiencing.

First hour my blood pressure went down. Bottom number went down and hasn’t come back up. That’s the number that was very high when I had Covid naturally or possibly from someone shedding April 2018. I had a client that flew back east and came back and said she thought it was allergies. later I found out she got very sick with some sort of bronchitis and chest thing. I got very sick and on the third day woke up and couldn’t breathe. Went to my doctor and she gave me steroids and an inhaler. I immediately got better. She gave me two blood pressure medications because my BP was alarmingly high. I recovered fine, but.  after that, I experienced spiking blood pressure and a few other weird symptoms; plus now working on people as a massage therapist I have noticed some of these symptoms mentioned above to reoccur after working on certain clients. For probably at least two years I have been having blood pressure and inflammation issues. I have correlated it to people who have recently taken the Jmed. I’m convinced it’s ALL jabs. And they are injecting our meat supply with these Jmeds now. But that’s another story.

After I started chewing the gum, first thing I noticed was my heart was slowing down and relaxing more. I didn’t always notice it beating hard or fast. I feel less anxious now. I feel it most when I wake up in the morning. I noticed that I am not as breathless like I was starting to get. I feel like I am healing. That’s the best way to describe it. I was having swelling in my legs at my knees and down. It’s starting to go away.

I’m not saying nicotine gum or the patch is the answer to all any my prayers or anyone else’s. This is not medical advice and if you have an emergency call 9ll. This article contains firsthand, true and accurate content and should be taken with a grain of salt and used at your own discretion. As with any enema, warm water should always be used.

I will continue to use the gum or maybe will get the patch and cut it into small 2/3 gram squares like my buddy does. For now, I cut a 4 gram piece of nicotine gum in half and chew it in the am if I am feeling going to work on anyone. If I’m working several days in a row, I’ll chew a 2gm piece every day.

The other day I hadn’t had a price of gum for several days, so I chewed a whole one. Then I spit it out after about 7 minutes. Once the spikes are not able to attach you can BIND them.

BINDING: Anything green is binding and will attract these toxins and stick to them. Then you expel them out the bowels. Cilantro, Wheat Grass, Alfalfa, Spirilina, chorella, moringa, all greens, anything green.

Sweating (infrared sauna best) and big bowel movements are the two keys to detoxing.

Getting the spikes out is key to healing I believe. Once out, the heart seems to do a lot better. I’m thinking the ‘suddenly did’ are from the spikes causing damage and wearing down the circulatory systems and then the heart just stopping. However, one of the symptoms I forgot to mention, was that a couple times my heart would lag, and I wasn’t quite sure if it was going to beat again. First few times I felt anxiety and my heart beat fast, and I’d have to breathe and calm down. I think that’s one of the shedding symptoms. And if you are not so lucky, it doesn’t beat again. So sad!

Back in the old days we were told, as Mother’s who just had their doctors give them their shots,  to be careful for three weeks. Since shedding could cause sickness in anyone exposed. To use disposable diapers and throw away them. Wash hands well after changing the child/baby. Shedding is real. I didn’t want to believe it, but having what I would call myocarditis-like symptoms several times in the past year and a half or longer, has proven to me shedding does exist.
Check back for updates on this story.

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