Just imagine for a second if republicans, conservatives, libertarians, or any other independents said any of the things in this video? If you have videos of anyone right of center saying anything like this (other than me calling for death penalties for pedophiles, which still is not a call for open violence, it is getting rid of repeat child rapists after they have been found guilty by a jury of their peers) please, send me a link in the comments and I will post them on our site to be fair and balanced. But I bet you cannot find videos of this, because we have not.

This is why people who claim to be “antifa” and “black lives matter” think it is ok to violently attack people who support Trump. If Hollywood, the media, and even democrat politicians think this kind of violent rhetoric is acceptable, they are sorely mistaken. They should be procecuted for inciting violence, riots, and domestic terrorism charges. Meanwhile people who simply were in DC (some not even present) on January 6th are being sentenced to decades in prison. We have a two-tier justice system in the United States of America.

These criminals want a civil war. Don’t fall for it. It will be used to imprison and kill us all.
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