I am glad I got your attention.

Until you prove it to me in the comments below, I do not believe Candace Owens is in the wrong here and DO BELIEVE (ITM) that Ben Shapiro’s time is up.

He has been wrong about everything from Covid to Trump to Russiagate to The Bidens and on and on and on. Now he is calling for the CARPET BOMBING and GENOCIDE of all those Gaza cats. What a dick. Seriously, fuck that guy. He wanted forced Jabs. Garbage person. Glad J6ers are being tortured for going to a protest, while BLM “mostly peaceful protestors” SET BUILDINGS ON FIRE! I know, I know… “OK, boomer”. If you are with Ben on this stuff, fuck you too. Enjoy the hell you are making for us all by being lukewarm or actually think you have a right to other peoples lives outside your own, you don’t. The government works for us, not the other way around, les you’re a spook.

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Aside from Candace and Matt Walsh, the Daily Wire is trash.

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NOTE: This is all a destraction as well.

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So why cover it? Good question (not great, but worth noting).

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Because you now need to see what else is going on.

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