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Wild footage shows naked men marching and dancing in front of children and families along parade route.

Embattled beer company Bud Light served as an official sponsor of the Toronto Pride parade Sunday when naked men marched in the street as children and families lined the sidewalks.

The annual event featured a float adorned with Bud Light signs, on which girls in shorts and colorful Bud Light shirts danced to music.

It also saw a group of nudists walking through the streets and scantily-clad performers dancing on a Bud Light-sponsored stage.

The decision to sponsor the event comes just weeks after the company apparently sponsored an ‘all-ages Pride event’ in Arizona.

The company is still seeing its profits tumble, with sales plummeting another 27 percent for the week ending June 10, as it continues to face backlash for a controversial partnership featuring trans TikToker Dylan Mulvaney.

Bud Light served as the official sponsor of the Toronto Pride Parade on Sunday, despite its recent controversy with LGBTQ influencer Dylan Mulvaney
Bud Light also sponsored a float at the parade, as it celebrated its 10 year partnership with Pride Toronto
Bud Light also provided $100,000 to various organizations that support the LGBTQIA+ community across Canada




Videos posted online showed a group of nudists walk through the streets at the Pride parade as families watched


The beer brand sponsored a stage where a group of scantily-clad performers wearing stockings over their heads performed
Bud Light signs were clearly visible on the stage where the risque dancers were performing during the Pride events in Toronto

Earlier this month, Bud Light was listed as the sponsor of a 'family-friendly' Pride event with drag queens in Flagstaff, Arizona


The beer giant is continuing to reel from the effects of its disastrous ad campaign featuring trans TikToker Dylan Mulvaney
Bud Light commemorated her first full year as a transgender woman with a beer can featuring her face. It has also apparently created Pride beer cans for the Toronto festival
The once-popular beer company saw its worst week in sales, dropping 26.8 percent the week of June 10
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