He did it again!

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Very impressive.

Starts off finding the parking trollies and fire truck.

This one says “Osprey”

“The Owl”

“Owl Druid”

If you played a spot the owl drinking game during this 2 hour film, you would die.

He found so many amazing old photographs…

…and membership lists dating back to the 1920s.

This footage is priceless

Weaving spiders came here

Cremation of care

Come as children

What do you make of this one?

A collection of guest passes that you must carry while visiting and show security if asked.

Cremation of care 2015

Devil in the details

He found an emergency call box

When he picked up it had odd classical music reminiscent of ghostly tunes from the sounds of Bohemia CDs we burned.

Security REALLY doing their job. We are glad.

Be gone dull care.

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