I LOVED this game as a kid. It came out in 1994 and I always felt it was something more than just a really fun arcade game. What I loved the most about it was that you use music to defeat tyranny. You could say it was the first seed that influenced doing something like Sacred Owls.

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Here is a little breakdown of some themes.

The game starts with a date 2 years after the came came out, 11-11-1996. There is a lot of significance of 11/11.

The date of November 11 is believed to hold spiritual significance. It falls in the middle of Scorpio season, a sign of intensity, rebirth and transformation and the date itself is meant to represent this on a greater scale, particularly in relation to the concept of unity and divinity. Some people say that 11/11 is a portal for collective consciousness and the awakening of humanity. This day is meant to be a time when we come together with our truth, our soulmates and our dreams as we recognize our “1”-ness (oneness) with all living beings.

After that you start shooting at a helicopter with an 88.

88 is significant because H is the 8th letter of the alphabet so 88 is HH which is a known Nazi dog whistle for Heil Hitler.


The posters say “No music, no hope, new order nation, no human rights, no fun” similar to the They Live “Obey, consume, no independent thought, marry and reproduce” messaging with white backgroung and plain black text. Of course New Order Nation is very similar to New World Order.

For a game in 1994 to already be talking about a resistance force hacking the new order database was pretty prophetic.

After the next helicopter level, you choose where you go next. Amazon jungle, Middle East, or Pacific Rim…

If you choose Amazon Jungle, Joe Perry says “These magots are putting chemicals in all our food”.

Even more obvious They Live References.

Once you get into the secure area for “Drones Only” you see they are manufacturing “Clown Foods” and turning women into drones.

After defeating a 2nd slime skull eye popper weird boss you can chose one of the other 2 options.

The Middle East level is saving a bus load of kids from being re-programmed…

The level starts with the women slaves with hammers smashing guitars, TVs, arcade games (of Revolution X and Mortal Kombat), and crates of CDs and Laser Disks.

The bus says “Teen reprogramming center”

The final level is the Pacific Rim.

The final boss is an attractive British woman… or is she?

Nope, big gross crazy alien.

As you destroy it, it hold up devil horns.

Once it blows up, you win!

We need more games like this! What do you think? Leave your comments below!

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